Thursday, July 19, 2007


Lately, food in any great quantity (read: a normally-sized meal, with a curious exception for restaurants or maybe just food I don't eat at home) often makes me sick. This annoys me, mostly because it renders me hungry all the time. IV, anyone?

I'm not posting this to stir any great worry, p.s. I'm just fed up with this (heh), and - come, now - isn't it fun to share annoyances with the world?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

happy fourth of july

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Olympus. She was tight inside with indecision all over the place.

She liked boys who weren't good for her, boys who were, and boys who were in between; she just wasn't sure which were which. They weren't really any help in the decision, either. Sometimes she wished she could read minds so she could tell where she'd be wasting her time and where she wouldn't.

She wanted to get a (real) job, but didn't know where she wanted to be. She wanted to have a home, but couldn't until she got that real job. She didn't quite want to relinquish her freedom for a commitment like that just yet. She was willing to, but a little scared, too. She didn't want to become a power-suit woman, but she didn't want to hang out forever, either. It felt precarious to settle into somewhere she didn't know she'd get to keep (that went for boys, too).

She wanted direction in her life, but knew she should make her own decisions and then confirm them, too. That balance was hard sometimes.

Besides working and finding a job, she wanted to watch movies, read books and make friends. In her desire to put her whole self into each thing, she realized she'd have to make a few choices.

She wanted to walk, talk or blog about all this, but she wanted to go to sleep, too. Sleep hadn't gotten very high priority lately. Maybe that's why this post came about.


Possible symbolic references:

Man's search for meaning
Francis Scott Key's view while writing The Star-Spangled Banner
Social networking usage

This was a post because I wanted to post, not because I had anything real to say. I was just playing this game tonight because I played it a lot in high school (the "try to find something symbolic and utterly useless in any object around you" game), and I thought it would be fun. Turns out it was fun, but was too easy ... nearly cliche - so much so that I didn't include almost any of what I thought of. "Colorful explosions" aren't exactly a rare descriptive tool.

Maybe I have stuff to say, too, but not right now. Suffice it to share this, and the fact that I bought The Fugitive and The Client today for six dollars each. Yay hooray.

my roommate lived kosher for a month, once

I shopped for/with her a lot of times ... and so, the Unilever brand gets me every time. Every time I see that little "U" on my shampoo, or like on that bar of soap I just opened, I think, "Hey, this is kosher. Good, good."