Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I just sent this list of questions to my coworkers to use for their company bios. I was impressed with myself. Dear readers, feel free to answer these in the comments, on your blogs, at your dinner table tonight or for your own company bios. Awesome.

-What is your favorite wood?
-What's your favorite children's book?
-If you had a 3'x3' patch of wall space with which to do whatever you wanted, what would it look like when you were done?
-Describe your family using the Periodic Table of Elements: http://www.webelements.com/ (You can click on each element for a description.)
-What has been your favorite project in your work history?
-If you had to mix any three liquids and drink it, what would they be?
-If you had to mix any three liquids and make someone else drink it, what would they be?
-What's your favorite thing about our company?
-Why did you want to work here?
-What purpose do you fill at our company?
-If our company had a mascot, what would it be?
-Describe your favorite room in your house.
-Tell me about your life.
-At work, what organizational tool could you not live without?
-What's your favorite book and why?
-What's your favorite movie and why?
-That you've ever tried, whose macaroni recipe do you like the best?
-What's your favorite sport?
-Which hat best fits you and why? (beret, football helmet, baseball cap, fedora, darth vader mask, one of those Chinese cone hats, sombrero, etc)
-What's your favorite class you've ever taken and why?
-What's been your greatest professional/scholastic challenge?
-Describe the funniest commercial you've ever seen.
-Describe a commercial that once made you cry. If you've never cried at a commercial, give an answer about why you feel like you had to lie about this - we're all friends here.