Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Do you ever blog anymore?" --flippin

Yeah, well.

Things have been busy. I'm writing a lot of articles these days (and consequentially spending a lot of time out on the road, interviewing and taking pictures), not doing sales anymore, but I work around 60 hrs/week. My work is thrilling, fascinating, enthralling, and whatever else your thesaurus can turn up. I've done a few new things lately as well:

-- I bought that car I was complaining about (which will need a name; I'll post pictures soon and the polls will open) -- it's a white 1995 Toyota Tercel with fantastic gas mileage, broken door handles, no dome light, bad wheel bearings (I'm fixing them soon, don't worry) and cracked leather seats. The previous owner (who sold it to me for $650 - bless the man and his dear wife) called it "his little go-cart." The only thing that makes me scared to drive it (besides those bearings) is the way I feel like I might blow off the road on a windy day. I need to gain some weight.

--I went to a drag race. A real one. Where people can just pay the $7 cover charge and go in and race their Hondas next to the dragsters. Freaking rad.

--I went to a minor league baseball game. It wasn't my first ever, but it was my first of the games here in the town I grew up in. Haha. It was rad even though we got creamed. I think it's time for a trip to the batting cages.

--I bought a softball. It's too white (it needs some dirt and scuffs, I'll work on that).

--Soon I'm going to an af2 league indoor football game. This really will be a first. This morning I interviewed the owner of the team.

--I learned to throw a football.

--I saw Forrest Gump. I know, I know.

--I thought seriously about being a high school English teacher.

--I moved out of my parents' house into my friend's house. Paying rent in the same town as my family is weird.

--I did my own taxes. Hooray for Turbo Tax. My home state made me mail it (since I was filing in two states they wouldn't accept an online file), so I hope I sent them all the right stuff.

All right, enough of this. Life updates are boring, sorry. I'll quit the list thing and write a real post soon.