Tuesday, July 1, 2008

named the baby.

This is the car I ended up buying a few months ago, except it's white.

I said I was going to host a naming poll, but unforeseen circumstances yielded a natural name and kicked you all out of the process. Sorry about that.

My radiator hose split a couple weeks ago, and the new one I bought had one of those dot stickers on it, on which someone had written "Helen." (Hopefully it wasn't a claim sticker or something.) As home to radiator hose Helen, I figured the only name choice left was Troy.

The main objection I keep coming up against is all the boys who swear that cars are only female (which is negated anyway if only by L'Afro's Howard and Atticus), to which I counter that countries and cities are female too, so my car can be a female city Troy if they feel that strongly about it.