Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I don't live in Utah anymore.

I cry for the irony of this schedule.

I will repost an old, old concert review from a different blog, to explain myself. (I will edit some for relevance, but apologies for the style ... I was some four and a half years younger and hope I've matured some in my writing ...)


I ran home, fixed my hair and makeup a little, and took M's car to go pick him up at the HFAC. He drove (obviously) and we went with a drummer friend of his, J, and J's date was R the cellist. We went to Jazz at the Sheraton, which somehow I misconstrued as being in Provo. (I forgot which hotel it was, mostly......sigh) I figured it out when we started to pass Lehi. (I'm not really that dense, I just kept thinking, oh it's around Orem. Oh, it's around Trafalga. Oh, I have no idea why we're still driving. Then I was a little worried because I had VT'ing set up at 9 and it was kind of important, but I decided that there was nothing I could do about it at that point, so I relaxed and just thoroughly enjoyed myself. I called my roommates during intermission and let them know how dumb I was and VT'ing got rescheduled.

This woman!!! That was just about the sweetest vocal jazz I have EVER heard in my LIFE. There were some parts where I was just dancing (in fact, because it was dark and we were in the last row, I made Matt get up and west coast with me for just a minute during one song), and a couple songs that just melted me to my seat. One in particular, "Polka Dots and Moonbeams." M looked at me, it was funny, when the song was over he said, "You look all starry-eyed!" lol...that's about right. I decided that her voice was like cognac. Not that I know. But I read something in an English class once about how cognac is kind of thick and runny at the same time, and very very smooth. and a deep red. I told M that I get a little stupid at jazz concerts, he was like, "You haven't been to one in awhile, have you?" Which is true (I haven't been to one since the last one I went to with N actually, I kinda avoided them for awhile), but it's also true that I'm always like that....hahaha. He said it made it more fun, so that was good. 

Anyway, I love jazz. It's always ten times better live, too. Oh, I never exactly specified - Jazz at the Sheraton is in SLC. What else did she sing? Oh man. Her name was Stacey Kent, btw. She sang "People Will Say We're in Love" and "Surrey with the Fringe On Top" from OKLAHOMA and she sang a song from State Fair, too. That was really fun:) She did some Irving Berlin and Ray Charles. oh man. Ha...also, M bought his Wynton Marsalis tickets and held those over my head all night. Every time I said something mean to him he'd just kinda say, "Remember what I've got in my pocket???" Dang him.

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